You are viewing guidance that refers to, or is for Legacy Landonline.

Scanning documents into Landonline

How to scan documents and add them to your dealing in Landonline.

Scan is used on the rare occasions where the information required to complete an e-dealing transaction is only in a paper format. The paper document will need to be scanned, converted into the correct file format and attached to the e-dealing transaction.

Here's what to do:

  1. Scan the document
    Scanning the document converts the document into an electronic file.
  2. Convert the document
    The electronic file may not be in the correct format for Landonline. If so, the file must be converted from its existing format into the Landonline-compatible format. (Note - this step can be skipped if the scanner and scanning software are set up to scan into the correct file format.)
  3. Attach the file to the Landonline instrument
    Once a file is in the correct format for Landonline, it can be attached to a Landonline dealing. This process is like attaching a file to an email. As it is attached, the file will be uploaded from your computer to Landonline. If the file is not in the correct format, Landonline will not allow you to attach the file.
  4. The file is now stored in the Landonline database
    When the file has been attached, it will be immediately stored in the Landonline database once it successfully uploaded. When the transaction is registered, the image file is then stored and made available for searching.

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