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GotoAssist Support portal

LINZ GotoAssist Support allows our Customer Support technical representatives to remotely view your computer screen.

You might be looking for GTA or Go To Assist - if so, you're in the right place. This system allows you to see the nature of the issue you are experiencing and find the best and fastest solution.

This support is designed to provide you with assistance to resolve more technical issues.

Please note:

  • This remote access capability gives our support representative incidental access to all other parts of your computer, including the hard drive and all files.
  • Please do not leave your computer unattended during the "GotoAssist" support session.
  • At any time you may choose to terminate the "GotoAssist" support session if you wish.
  • Please read the Terms and Conditions below.

    Starting your GotoAssist session

    The following steps will initiate your GotoAssist session:

    Step 1 Please read the Terms and Conditions as set out below
    Step 2 Click the button provided to confirm your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions
    Step 3 A new box will then appear on screen

    Enter the code you received from our support representative and click the "Continue" button to proceed
    Step 4 You will be prompted to download a small virus-free plug-in

    Allow approximately 1 minute for the software to install itself
    Step 5 Begin your live support session
    Note You can end the support session at any time by clicking the "Disconnect" button in the pop-up box on your screen.

    Terms and Conditions

    Remote control of your desktop can only be undertaken with your express agreement. By entering your unique activation code you acknowledge that:

    • You are solely responsible for the security of the confidential information within your desktop, and LINZ accepts no responsibility for any expenses or losses incurred or any action taken as a result of receipt of any confidential information.
    • The support representative will use reasonable endeavours to perform the services promptly, but no warranty is given or liability accepted by LINZ in respect of any times for response or performance by the support representative, and time will not be of the essence.
    • Provision of these services does not imply any guarantee that the support representative will be successful in correcting software malfunctions, or problem resolution, and LINZ accepts no liability in this connection.
    • All information available within your desktop will be treated as extremely confidential and will not be copied or replicated in any fashion.
    • Please ensure that confidential documents are closed before allowing our representative to access your desktop.

    Begin your Session

    I accept the above Terms and Conditions