Remote Access tool

Remote Access allows our Customer Support Agents to remotely view and control your computer screen.

This is the updated version of GoTo Assist and will be used to support any customers using New Landonline.

This system allows us to see the nature of the issue you are experiencing and find the best and fastest solution. It is designed to provide you with assistance to resolve more technical issues.

Please note:

  • You should only proceed if you've been instructed to do so by a LINZ Customer Support Agent.
  • This remote access capability gives our support agents incidental access to all other parts of your computer, including the hard drive and all files.
  • Please do not leave your computer unattended during the support session.
  • At any time you may choose to terminate the support session if you wish.

Starting your support session

The following steps will initiate your support session:

Step 1: Enter your name in the field at the bottom of this page.

Step 2: Click the button below the name field to download the application. This should begin downloading a few seconds after you’ve clicked the button (allow up to 1 minute for it to complete downloading).

Step 3: Click the application from your downloads to launch. (CTRL + J to view your recent downloads if you do not see it).

Step 4: The terms & conditions will appear. Please read and accept these to start your session. You may also view the terms & conditions here:


You can end the support session at any time by closing the app or clicking the red X icon.

To begin your session, please enter your name and then click the button below. 


Go to Assist (GTA)