Finding and accessing MGI

Finding and accessing data facilitates its reuse.

In New Zealand, MGI is collected by various public and private organisations. The NZMGI-WG aims to increase the findability and accessibility of MGI.

National MGI Inventory

The development of a National MGI inventory is the first step in improving discovery of NZ’s MGI. NZ marine data owners are encouraged to contribute to the National MGI Inventory. The preliminary results of this work are available through

Support in undertaking a Marine Geospatial Stocktake and contributing to the National MGI Inventory is available. The NZMGI-WG has produced a guidance document:

For more information email with the subject ‘MGI Inventory’.

MGI Portals

The NZ MGI Data Portal study was undertaken to :

  1. support data users in finding, accessing and reusing NZ MGI
  2. encourage data custodians to share the MGI they hold

Te Kete Kōrero a Te Takutai Moana

  • Purpose: assists applicants and decision makers in the context of the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act 2011
  • Functionality: discovery, viewing and access to MGI including permits/licenses to occupy marine space; marae; LINZ parcels; DDC data; and other MGI


  • Purpose: allows to explore seafloor mapping products and access analytical assessment tools for the South West Pacific region
  • Functionality: discovery, viewing and access to bathymetry, backscatter, side scan sonar data, etc


  • Purpose: acts as the collector for nationally significant geological collections
  • Functionality: discovery and access to national geological material and geoanalytical data related to the physical samples


  • Purpose: makes environment data collected by regional and unitary councils, MfE and Cawthron Institute freely available to the public
  • Functionality: discovery, viewing and access to environmental data (i.e. land, air and water related data)

Ira Moana

  • Purpose: delivers a searchable database for genetic data from natural populations of wild organisms
  • Functionality: discovery, viewing and access to genetic data and other information about biological samples

New Zealand Petroleum Basin Explorer

  • Purpose: displays data published by GNS, NOAA, NZP&M, NIWA, LINZ, DOC, and other organisations
  • Functionality: discovery, viewing and access to bathymetric, geophysical and sea level data

LINZ Data Service (LDS)

  • Purpose: provides free online access to LINZ's most up-to-date land and seabed data
  • Functionality: discovery, viewing and access to hydrographic and topographic data

IHO Data Centre for Digital Bathymetry

  • Purpose: displays the locations of seafloor data collected through international campaigns.
  • Functionality: discovery, viewing and access to bathymetric data


  • Purpose: access point for marine data published by NZ organisations (e.g. NIWA, Central government agencies, Cawthron Institute, councils, universities, etc.)
  • Functionality: discovery, viewing and access to marine biological, geophysical, bathymetric and oceanographic data.