Managing and reusing MGI

A “collect once, use many times” approach can grow the value of marine geospatial data.

collect one, use many times diagram

Robust management for data collection, storage, maintenance and publication facilitates data reuse. Interoperability is key to making MGI truly reusable.

MGI metadata

The use of metadata standards ensures consistency in how MGI is managed and published. The NZMGI WG has produced guidelines to support publication, discovery and reuse of NZ marine geospatial data.


MGI vocabulary

Consistent data vocabularies support discoverability, interoperability, and reuse of data. There are a considerable number of marine data themes and controlled vocabularies for marine data that vary in function, scope, capability and content. The NZ Marine Geospatial Metadata Guidelines includes links to several vocabulary options.

Marine data categories

MGI can be grouped in categories (e.g. data themes and data types). These categories facilitate data management and increase discovery and reuse of data. Marine data can be grouped in various ways. LINZ has worked with both international groups as well as the NZ marine community and recommends the following categories:


MGI case study library

See how MGI can be used to inform important decision-making and support our communities.