Arrange a pre-application meeting

You and your advisors can meet with us before you submit your application for consent.

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Why have a pre-application meeting?

Pre-application meetings will help you prepare a clearly reasoned application that contains all the information we will need to assess your application.

You will be able to:

  • explain your application for consent or investment proposal
  • ask questions about presenting specific aspects of your application
  • get our feedback on improving of your application
  • ask questions about the application process.

These meetings are likely to help first-time investors or where the intended investment has unique characteristics.

The meeting will normally last for about an hour, and can be in person at the Overseas Investment Office or online.

Who should attend the meeting?

We recommend that you and your advisors attend the meeting.

We will normally have one of our senior staff members attend, together with one of our solicitors who assesses applications. This solicitor may not be the same person who will eventually be allocated to assess your application but we will do our best to ensure this happens.

If you are an advisor attending on behalf of a client, you must detail who the applicant is when you request the meeting, as well as the type of consent being applied for. The Overseas Investment Office does not hold pre-application meetings for unnamed parties.

How should I prepare for the meeting?

We will not review draft applications for consent as part of the pre-application meeting, but we recommend that you prepare an early draft version of your application and your investment plan (if applicable) prior to the meeting. This will help ensure that your thinking and rationale is sufficiently advanced to be able to discuss key aspects of your application.

You should be prepared to answer questions about your draft application and investment plan (if applicable), and about any information and evidence you plan to provide with your application.

What will be discussed at the meeting?

The meeting is an opportunity to address questions you may have about the application process and to confirm our information requirements. We can provide advice on what a quality application looks like and highlight any issues or matters that may need to be addressed in your application.

What won’t be discussed at the meeting?

We do not review draft applications for consent, and cannot commit to assessment timeframes for specific applications.

See Assessment timeframes

We do not provide legal advice and we cannot indicate what the likely outcome of a particular application might be.

How do I arrange a pre-application meeting?

Please contact us early in the process if you would like to arrange a pre-application meeting. To book a meeting email the Overseas Investment Office with a brief description of your intended investment, your meeting attendees, a proposed agenda and whether you will require a data projector at the meeting.