Make a submission

Find out how you can make a submission on another person’s application for consent to invest in sensitive New Zealand assets.

How do I make a submission?

You can make a submission on another person’s application for consent to invest in sensitive New Zealand assets. Submissions must be in writing. They can be submitted through the post or email using the addresses listed on our contacts page.

Contact the Overseas Investment Office

Note that submissions sent to a minister’s office are forwarded to us.

What happens to my submission?

If we consider your submission is relevant, we will take the following steps:

  • We will give the applicant your submission and your name. We share this information with them so they can comment on your submission. If you think your information should be kept confidential, provide us with reasons for this in your submission.
  • We will consider your submission along with the applicant’s comments and decide whether any of the points raised are relevant to the application.
  • We will provide the decision-maker with a summary of the relevant points of your submission and your name, along with the applicant’s comments and our advice. This ensures the decision-maker has all relevant information when they decide the application.

If we need more information or to clarify any details, we will contact you. While we do not advise submitters the outcome of specific consent applications, you can sign up to be included on our monthly decision summaries email.

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We are bound by the Official Information Act 1982. This requires official information to be made available unless there are good reasons for withholding it. If we receive an official information request that includes your submission and you have sought confidentiality around all or some of its contents, we will tell you what information we are proposing to release so you have an opportunity to advise us why your information should not be released. 

Official Information Act 1982

Personal information

We are also bound by the Privacy Act 1993 and the information privacy principles set out in that Act. We will use any personal information you provide to help us assess applications for consent and to contact you about your submission, if required. We will share your name with the applicant and decision-maker, unless you specifically request confidentiality. We will keep the personal information provided in your submission only for as long as we retain the application for consent that the submission is about.

Privacy Act 1993