Report a suspected breach

Tell us if you think someone has broken the overseas investment rules.

What we want to know

You can help us protect New Zealand’s sensitive land and assets by telling us when you think an overseas investor has:

  • bought sensitive land without consent
  • obtained an interest of $100 million or more in a New Zealand business without consent, or
  • not kept the commitments they made when they obtained consent under the Act.

Use the form below to report a suspected breach

If you think the overseas investment rules have been broken provide us with as much relevant information as you can.

We ask for your name and contact details because we might have questions or need more details about the information you have provided to help us to investigate your report.

Your privacy is protected under the Privacy Act 1993. We will do all we can to protect your personal details unless you are happy for us to disclose them, or we are required by law to disclose them.