Vendor Information Form

Find out if you need to provide a Vendor Information Form when selling to an overseas person.

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What is a Vendor Information Form?

A Vendor Information Form is a form that must be completed by the vendor (seller) of some sensitive New Zealand assets. We use Vendor Information Forms to understand the proposed transaction, including what is being sold and why, who currently owns the asset, the current state of the asset, and how it is being used.

Sensitive New Zealand assets

What information do I need to supply?

The information required depends on what you are selling. Here is a full list of the information required.

Information required for Vendor Information Form

Which form do I need to complete?

Identifying non-residential sensitive land

When do I submit the form?

Complete and submit the relevant Vendor Information Form when the buyer applies for consent. Liaise with the buyer or their solicitor on timing so we can match your Vendor Information Form with the buyer’s application for consent.