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Pre-validation reporting

Some e-survey users are running Pre-validation only after they have completed Plan Generation.

 By not running Pre-validation prior to performing Plan Generation, users run the risk of:

  • Geometry errors being reported as Plan Generation is opened up,
  • Error 47 messages opening Layout Sheet,
  • Diagrams being distorted when Layout Sheets have opened up.

These issues can be avoided if you run pre-validation prior to Plan Generation, and address the C-rule conflicts and warnings and the errors in both adjustment reports.  For example, in the adjustment reports you may note that the Standard Error Unit Weight (SEUW) is too high i.e. over 1, suggesting error(s) in your data capture or linking of marks.

Conclusion: An early check of the Pre-validation report, with particular attention on the two adjustment reports, will help you identify capture errors prior to Plan Generation, resulting in less rework.