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Information about Requests in Landonline, the Request Types that are available and how they should be used.

Introduction to Survey Requests

In addition to creating and lodging Cadastral Survey Datasets and title dealings, Landonline customers are able to use the ‘Requests’ function.  Requests are the method for Landonline customers to: 

  • request copies of land records that are not already available in Landonline,
  • access subject matter experts who can assist with:
    • investigation for complex dealing and survey matters, 
    • requisition or rejection notices, and
    • correcting titles, surveys or spatial information..

Most requests are completed within two to five working days, although standard response times vary for some requests.

The “Request type” you select is key to ensuring you receive the right help or information. Every Request you create will automatically be assigned a number.  Keep a record of that number.  View your Requests in the “My Work” folder in your Workspace.

If your Request concerns a dealing or survey that is not at that time with LINZ (it has not been submitted and is still in your Workspace ‘In Progress’), then you should provide information about the dealing or survey with your Request (eg copies of instruments).  The Technical Advisors (who handle most Requests) cannot ‘shadow’ your Workspace and cannot view a dealing or survey until it has been submitted to LINZ.

Provide survey and title references where relevant – you do not need to provide copies of documents that are searchable in Landonline. 

You can upload images/documents to your Request.

Find out more about Request types below.

Frequently used Request types

Request typeWhen to use
Request Manual Copy

When a document is not available as an image in Landonline use Request Manual Copy (RMC) to order a copy of the Survey Plan,Traverse Sheet, Field Book pages, Survey Report, Missing or hard to read Plan Images, Colour Plan Images.

Create a separate RMC for each record you require.

Survey_ Amend Cadastral DataTo amend errors or omissions found in Landonline Spatial data
Survey_ Approved CSD Correction AmendmentTo request an amendment to an Approved or  Registered CSD – includes the replacement of Supporting Documents
Survey_Earthquake Complex

For queries by Licensed Cadastral Surveyors relating to the Canterbury earthquakes.  

Queries should focus on the application of the Rules for Cadastral Survey and Landonline, rather than questions on the application of the proposed law or boundary definition. When reporting a conflict with a post-earthquake survey that is not consistent with the proposed law, ensure the Notes/Comments field of the e-request commences with the words ‘Assistant Surveyor-General’.

Survey_ Plan not to DepositTo advise that an approved CSD will not proceed to Registration
Survey_Request for Urgency

When a significant extension beyond our target 10 working day turnaround time is causing disruption to your business, you can request urgency on a transaction.

A request for urgency must include the CSD number and specific reasons urgency is required. Applications will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Survey_ Return DatasetTo request the return of an unapproved CSD
Dispensation requests are made to seek an exemption from the requirements of the Rules for Cadastral Survey 2010 (RCS2010) and the Standard for Lodgement of Cadastral Survey Datasets - LINZS70000.  Find out more about preparing and submitting a dispensation request.
Survey _ Survey Information ComplexWhen you require information in order to prepare a Survey. Queries about the Rules, Survey Definition, LINZ Processes, location of records and other survey matters.
Survey_ Titles CorrectionsTo advise LINZ that an amendment may be required to an existing Title. This is dealt with by the Technical Advisor-Titles
Survey_ Titles InformationTo request information about an issue related to titles, amalgamation conditions, resource consents. This is dealt with by the Technical Advisor-Titles

Landonline capture queries

If a surveyor has any questions about Landonline capture they should contact the 0800 number. The main purpose of the 0800 number is to provide advice about Landonline issues. If surveyors have questions regarding the Rules for Cadastral Survey or complex definition they should submit a ‘Survey Information Complex’ request as above.

Requisition clarification / review

If a surveyor has received a requisition and is unsure of what is required, they can put in a request for a ‘Requisition Clarification’. When the PRA receives the request they will phone the surveyor and discuss the issue. Find out more about seeking clarification or review of a survey requisition.

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