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Capture of New Appellations – LandXML files and Manual Capture

This article contains information about capture of new appellations – LandXML files and manual capture.

The Appellation Format is located in the Parcel Detail Screen in capture.

All new appellations should be captured in the Appellation Format of 'General'.

Parcel Detail Screen example 1

How do I capture new Appellations using third-party software?

If capturing a plan in third-party software and a pre-allocated survey reference has been assigned, here are some examples to follow:
parcel name = 'Lot 1'
parcel name = 'Sec 1'
parcel name = 'Marginal Strip'
parcel name = 'Principal Unit 1'
parcel name = 'Area A'
Do not add a Survey Reference in the parcel name.
The LandXML file will display an appellation for a parcel on a new survey as:
Incorrect survey reference 1


Incorrect survey reference 2


You must NOT add the plan reference to this field.

Upon importing the LandXML file into Landonline, the appellations are recognised as new appellations. Landonline automatically populates the Parcel Detail screen using the correct appellation format of 'General'. The plan number is automatically applied. The radio button next to 'Simple' is activated (see screenshot below).

Parcel Detail Screen example 2

How do I manually capture a new appellation?

When manually capturing new appellations in Landonline, you must use the ‘General’ format for the new simplified appellations.
When a balance parcel is a Complex appellation, select the radio button next to Complex, and enter the appropriate fields in the 'General' Appellation Format.
Only use the'Other' format where the appellation is non standard and cannot be catered for by the General format.
Where the appellation cannot be checked by Landonline, automatic business rule C492 will provide a warning during pre-validation.

How do I manually capture Māori appellations?

Use the 'Māori' Appellation Format.

An easy way to create a residue parcel with a Māori appellation is to extinguish the underlying parcel, and use 'Edit' to view how the Māori appellation is captured in Landonline.

You can then capture the new Part parcel to mimic this parcel using the same 'fields'. If it is a composite appellation, follow the example below.

Parcel Detail Screen example 3

Examples of incorrect appellations in LandXML files

Examples when a plan number has been pre-allocated in workspace:

Parcel name = 'Lot 1 DP 4000020'
Parcel name = 'Lot 1 Deposited Plan 4000020'

Incorrect survey reference 1


Incorrect survey reference 2

When imported into Landonline, the parcel detail screen will populate this information using the incorrect appellation format of 'Other' (see screenshot below).

Parcel Detail Screen example 4

Results of incorrectly captured appellations

When doing a search on a parcel from Deposited Plan 4000020, the search will not return a result. Trying subsequent searches until a hit is found is frustrating and time consuming.