TA certification of e-surveys

How to prepare and request a Territorial Authority (TA) Certificate for their e-survey online.

The diagram below shows the simple process surveyors follow:

Process for Certification of e-surveys by Territorial Authorities Diagram

Detailed information about the tasks a surveyor is required to perform for online Territorial Authority (TA) Certification is available in section 11.4.3 of the e-survey User Guide.

Paper TA Certifications

When a TA cannot perform online certification they will send you a paper TA certification. Any paper TA certification required for an e-survey must be scanned and attached as a supporting document.

To attach a TA certification:

  • Scan the TA certification
  • Attach the image as a supporting document to the e-survey. Select ‘Territorial Authority (TA) Certificate’ as the Document Type.

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