There are three ways to print search products from the Landonline Searches system. Each has different features so it is important to use the method that best meets your needs.

To help, we've put together the following tips on how to use each method, and what they offer, as well as getting the best results when printing.

1 – Printing products direct from the Search Title / Search Survey screen 

These products can be accessed from the Search menu in the Searches screen:

Print - image 1

Print - image 2


  • You can select multiple (or single) products for printing in the Search Results area;
  • This is the quickest way to print search products, with few steps involved.


  • You can risk losing multiple products already scheduled for printing if you have printing errors;
  • You cannot view all details of the product before printing.

2 – Adding products to the Searches tree and using the menu option of File / Print (or CTRL P)

Example options:


  • You can view products before they are printed.
  • This gives you more options for saving image views to file, either using the “File/Save As/Print to File” menu option or the Image Viewer menu options available from the Viewing Area.
  • You can print and view the same product in the same search session multiple times and only incur one charge.


  • There are more steps in the process than some other options e.g. you will need to view products before they can be printed. 
  • There is no print multiple option.

3 – Using the Request Product List (RPL) accessed from the Tools/Request Product List menu in Searches


Titles, Surveys and Instruments can be ordered


  • This method has less risk of printing errors.
  • You can order multiple products (up to 15) of all sub types at a time.
  • You receive products by email so you can print or save them at any time. 


  • You cannot preview product details before ordering them (e.g. Title references must be known before ordering).
  • Printing/saving is not immediate as delivery times may vary based on system load. 
  • The total size of the item(s) being requested may exceed the maximum email limit either at the LINZ end or the recipient’s end causing delays as the package needs to be broken down into smaller items.

Printing advice

The following steps will reduce your chances of  a print error:

1 - UniPrint settings:
Ensure that UniPrint is correctly configured.  UniPrint is the print management software used in conjunction with Landonline. More information is in the'UniPrint settings'KnowledgeBase article.  

2 - Citrix Receiver Settings:
Ensure that the Citrix Receiver settings are correctly configured.  

i) – From the tool bar double-click the Citrix Receiver icon:

ii) – Click on the Connection Center:

iii) – Check the "USB/Other Devices:" setting and change this to "Full Access" if it is not already set:

3 – Addressing UniPrint failures

If printing errors do occur it may be that UniPrint has failed despite system settings being correct. 

To avoid having to log off Landonline to reset it, you can close and restart UniPrint independently of Landonline. This is an important step especially when printing from the Searches Tree as it retains your Landonline session and any products already obtained.  To do this:

i) - Close the current UniPrint session by right clicking on the UniPrint icon in the system tray and select Exit:

ii) - Re-launch UniPrint via the Start icon and use All Programs to select the UniPrint folder and the UniPrint Client folder:

When the UniPrint Client is clicked UniPrint will launch and the icon will redisplay.

It will then be possible to recommence printing the failed item(s).

Last Updated: 12 November 2018