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Utility Location Standard now published

The Utility Location Standard is now available from the LINZ website

This is a new national standard the utility sector can apply locally to record the position of a diverse range of utility assets - including water infrastructure, electricity, gas, telecommunications, and fuel.

It will assist in relocating and maintaining these assets, as well as helping with design and planning. It will also reduce the risk of damage and disruptions to services - potentially preventing significant harm and saving millions of dollars.

The standard will enable data on asset locations to be accurately recorded and consistently managed. It provides a new framework that defines the positions of utility assets in terms of the 3D geodetic control network – the same method used as almost all other spatial data. This will enable a wide range of different spatial datasets to be easily integrated and spatially overlaid to determine their position in relation to one another.

Utility organisations and asset managers will be able to require the use of the standard when recording the location of new or maintained assets. Surveyors, contractors, and engineers should use it in the survey and measurement of the assets.

If you would like to know more about the standard, please contact

Image of roadworks that have exposed a utility pipe

The Utility Location Standard reduces the risk of damage and disruption to utility assets in close proximity by helping to accurately record their position. PHOTO: © Robin Stott (cc-by-sa/2.0(link is external)).

Upcoming holiday to mark the passing of the Queen

September 26 is a one-off public holiday to mark the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

Our offices are closed due to the one-off public holiday to pay respects to the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Landonline Applications, which include Landonline and Landonline Web Search for registered Landonline users, and Land Record Search for the public, will be online from 6am to 10pm but please note that lodgement of Titles dealings will not be available, and that there will be no customer support due to office closure.

New and improved LINZ website

We’ve been working behind the scenes to upgrade our website to make it easier for people to find information about New Zealand’s land, sea and waterways.

We’ve worked with our customers throughout the development to help ensure the new site is easier to use, with changes including an improved search function and streamlined layout.

As part of the upgrade, our Notice to Mariners and NZ Chart Catalogue are available on a separate but closely linked website:

To find out more please click here.

Changes to our Covid-19 information on our website

New Zealand’s COVID-19 Protection Framework, traffic lights, ended Monday September 12.

As isolation is still required for people who test positive for COVID-19, some of our service options that were introduced as part of our initial COVID-19 response will continue.

We are updating our website to reflect the change in context but will retain our guidance about signing documents remotely and other services.

Interim Guideline remains in force

LINZ’s Interim Guideline for Authority and Identity Requirements and Electronic Signing of Documents, which was published in March 2020 to help practitioners deal with challenges related to COVID-19, remains in force.

The Registrar-General of Land will give notice of his intention to revoke the guideline prior to doing so. No such notice has been given.

The interim guideline can be relied on in any case where a practitioner cannot meet a client in person due to COVID-19.

Authority and Identity Requirements and Electronic Signing of Documents Interim Guideline 2020 - LINZ OP G01247

Poor quality field information resulting in unnecessary requisitions

A recent analysis of cadastral survey datasets has identified supporting field information to be of inadequate quality in many instances.

Principal Cadastral Surveyor Mike Morris says the quality of field information lodged by some surveyors varies from excellent to very poor.

“In some instances, no field information is lodged at all.”

The updated guidance and a short video covering common errors and examples has been created to help cadastral surveyors improve the quality of field information lodged.

Video on field information

Common Survey Requisitions - Field information guidance

New Landonline – Dealings application: available in November 2022

The first phase of the New Landonline – Dealings application, part of the Modernising Landonline programme, is going live in November 2022.

Legal professionals will be able to complete almost all sale and purchase and re-financing transactions on the modernised web-based application.

The new application will include the key features needed to process most tasks including: Discharge Mortgage, Transfer and Mortgage instruments end-to-end.

New application … but the dealing process remains the same

•    New look and feel that’s easy to use and navigate
•    Work in either Landonline system (Legacy or New) on the same transaction.
•    Access on any device (only need to be on the device with your Digital Certificate to certify and sign).
•    Dealing details are faster to enter.

To certify and sign in the new application you’ll need the new two-year Digital Certificate. To find out more, please read our information sheets.

Get involved early

If you have any questions or want to join our pilot, please email us at:

Entire West Coast using Notice of Change service

We’re pleased to advise the Buller District Council is now using our automated Notice of Change (NoC) service. Along with the Grey and Westland District Councils, conveyancers can now prepare NoCs as part of your Landonline e-dealing workflow for the entire West Coast.

With the Mackenzie District Council joining the service in June, 21 out of 24 councils in the South Island are now using our NoC service.

Reminder: NoC to be completed for change of name

Please remember to complete a NoC when processing any type of change of name or when completing a transmission -e.g., when a spouse has passed away. This assists councils in keeping their rating databases up to date. This is worth doing even if it’s concurrent with a transfer, as it reduces the potential for confusion for council staff.

For more information about Notice of Change, watch a short video demonstration, featuring Carolyn Hintz, Senior Associate at Gibson Sheat Lawyers or check out the Landonline help page.

Two-year Digital Certificates issued from 3 October 2022

Following the upgrade of our Landonline Digital Certificate (DC) infrastructure, customers are using the new two-year DCs in Legacy and New Landonline. The two-year DCs are compatible with current Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.

From Monday 3 October 2022 we’ll only issue two-year DCs. This means you’ll upgrade to a two-year DC by default at your next renewal date, if not before.

We’ll email your Trusted Contact with the details.

No longer need access to Landonline?  Do you use Landonline Web Search instead?

All registered Landonline users have access to Web Search by default. If Web Search is all you need to use, you may no longer need your DC.

If you no longer need your DC, click here to find out more on our website.

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