Working in New Zealand’s geospatial industry

Our growing geospatial industry needs people to fill a critical skills shortage to ensure New Zealand Is well placed to make the best use of location information.

What is a geospatial specialist?

'Other Spatial Scientist' is the official term used under the Australia and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) for someone who 'acquires, integrates, analyses, interprets, presents, manages and distributes information about locations in space and time, and develops related equipment, software and services'.

Other terms for people doing aspects of such work include:

  • GIS Developer
  • GIS Analyst
  • GIS Administrator
  • GIS Consultant
  • Geospatial Information Architect.

The Immigration New Zealand long term skills shortage list (LTSSL) now includes the occupation classification 'Other Spatial Scientist'. To meet the qualification and experience requirements of this classification, you need to have:

  • a Bachelor degree specialising in Geography or Computer Science
  • a minimum of two years of relevant experience with GIS applications.

Employing overseas geospatial candidates

If you’re a New Zealand employer thinking of employing overseas geospatial candidates, visit Immigration New Zealand’s online Employer hub. The hub also has a link to Immigration New Zealand’s 'SkillFinder' database of candidates that you can search and then send targeted candidates details of a geospatial job vacancy.

View Immigration New Zealand’s online Employer hub

View Immigration New Zealand’s 'SkillFinder' database

Joining our geospatial industry from abroad

If you are from overseas, meet the LTSSL qualification and experience requirements above, and want to work in the New Zealand geospatial industry, you should contact Immigration New Zealand.

Find out about Immigration New Zealand requirements 

Geospatial specialists in New Zealand

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Making an informed decision

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