NZGB notices – January 2023

Proposed, approved, altered and amended geographic names.

Gazetted on 18 January 2023

Notice of proposals to alter and approve geographic names


Proposed altered and approved geographic names Geographic feature type and description Submission deadline


A small township in the Bay of Islands, on the east coast of Northland Region. NZ Topo50-AV29 021974. Alteration from Russell (recorded name).

18 April 2023

Ngāmoko Stream

A small and partially tidal stream flowing generally north-northwest for approximately 1.8km to Little Bay, at Waikawau Bay, Coromandel Peninsula. NZTopo50-BA35 285445 to NZ Topo50-AZ34 279461. Approving an existing name as official. An alternative recorded name for the same feature, Ngaure Stream, would no longer apply.

23 February 2023

Te Awa o Mokotūāraro

A river flowing generally northeast for approximately 7.5km from Pakowhai Road Bridge northeast of Hastings, through Whakatu and Clive to join the mouth of Ngaruroro River which flows into Hawke Bay. NZTopo50-BK39 326093 to BK39 373124. Alteration from Clive River (official by New Zealand Gazette, 24 July 1975, No. 62, page 1632).

23 February 2023

Te Kamo

A suburb of Whangārei, approximately 5km north-northwest of the CBD. NZTopo50-AX30 177504. Alteration from Kamo (recorded name). Submissions are also invited on the most appropriate extent (boundaries) of the suburb.

18 April 2023

Notice of approved official geographic names


Approved official geographic name Geographic feature type Map and grid reference

Ben More


NZTopo50-BW21 966988

Ben More Stream


NZTopo50-BW21 964984 to BW20 889980

Mākirikiri Stream South Branch


NZTopo50-BP35 503771 to BP36 533774

Kororāreka Point


NZTopo50-AV29 012977

Notice of a final determination to alter a geographic name


Official geographic name Geographic feature type and description

Kea Crag

Steep cliffs rising from Haast River adjacent to the Gates of Haast bridge, to spot height 1139m at the southwest end of Bealey Range, approximately 8km north of Haast Pass/Tioripatea. NZTopo50­-BZ13 102178. Altered from Stewart Crags.

Amendments – New Zealand Geographic Board Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa


Notice heading Gazette Action
List of Place-names approved by the Honorary Geographic Board of New Zealand 29 July 1948, No. 42, page 939

Replace “Aspinall (peak)” with “Mount Aspinall” and replace “At head of Albert Burn, south of Mount Lois.” with “A mountain at 1908m at the head of Matukituki River East Branch, south of Mount Lois. NZTopo50-BZ11 719846”.

Replace “Kororareka (bay)” with “Kororāreka Bay”.

Replace “Lois (peak)” with “Mount Lois” and replace “On the ridge at the head of Albert Burn” with “A mountain at 2015m near the head of Matukituki River East Branch. NZTopo50-BZ11 715855”.

Replace “Whaingaroa (harbour)” with “Whāingaroa Harbour”.

Reservation of Land 26 June 1975, No. 53, page 1417 Replace “Kororareka Point Scenic Reserve” with “Kororāreka Point Scenic Reserve”.
Notice of Final Decision of New Zealand Geographic Board Reassigning of Place Names 8 November 1984, No. 204, page 4798 Replace “Whakatikei” with “Whakatīkei”.
Notice of Final Decision as to Assignment of Place Names 5 April 1990, No. 53, page 1213 Replace “Kaumatua” with “Kaumātua”.