NZGB notices – November 2022

Final decisions on assigned, altered, approved, amended, validated and discontinued names.

Gazetted on 28 November 2022

Notice of the Final Determination of the Minister for Land Information on an Official Geographic Name

Official geographic nameGeographic feature type and description
Lake Te HoronuiA newly formed permanent lake at the border of Gisborne Region and Hawke’s Bay Region on Mangapōike River, approximately 37km southwest of Gisborne and 30km northeast of Wairoa. NZTopo50-BH42 047899. New name assigned as official.

Notice of Final Determinations to Alter and Assign Geographic Names

Official geographic nameGeographic feature type and description
Ryan CreekA small stream flowing for approximately 1.7km from the slopes of spot height 890m on Remutaka Range into Ōrongorongo River. NZTopo50-BQ32 711256. Assigned as official.
Stewart CreekA stream flowing for approximately 5.7km from Young Range into Makarora River at Davis Flat, 3.3km southwest of Haast Pass/Tioripatea. NZTopo50-BZ13 087053. Altered from Stewarts Creek (recorded name).

Notice of an Approved Official Geographic Name


Approved Official Geographic NameGeographic Feature TypeMap and Grid Reference
Mangapōike RiverRiverNZTopo50-BH42 145876 to BH41 897858

Amendments – New Zealand Geographic Board Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa


Notice headingGazetteAction
Declaration That a Conservation Area Shall be a Reserve and Classification of Reserve for Historic Purposes and Declaration That the Reserve be Part of the Katiki Point Historic Reserve2 May 1991, No. 65, page 1481Replace “Katiki” with “Kātiki”.
Notice of Valid Crown Protected Area Names9 June 2011, No. 81, page 1910Replace “Katiki” with “Kātiki”.

Notice of Valid Crown Protected Area Names


Crown protected area namePosition in terms of NZTM2000 (metres north)Position in terms of NZTM2000 (metres east)
Craigieburn Forest Park5226755.21480449.0
Kaimanawa Forest Park5669984.91859873.9
Kaweka Forest Park5646845.11887722.3
Mount Richmond Forest Park5409929.31629971.5
Pirongia Forest Park5794560.41777922.1
Pureora Forest Park5725122.61822806.2
Victoria Forest Park5331040.61522013.1

Notice of New and Altered Official Geographic Names and Discontinued Crown Protected Area Names for Maniapoto Claims Settlement Act 2022

Schedule 1

New or altered official Geographic NameDescriptionFormer Geographic Name
ĀriaA locality east of Mōkau River, approximately 30km southwest of Te Kūiti. NZTopo50-BF32 731302.Aria (recorded name)
MāhoenuiA locality on State Highway 3, adjacent to Awakino River. NZTopo50-BG32 596284.Mahoenui (recorded name)
MāpiuA locality on State Highway 4 approximately 34km north of Taumarunui. NZTopo50-BG33 930274.Mapiu (recorded name)
MōkauA locality on the west coast of Te-Ika-a-Māui, at the mouth of Mōkau River. NZTopo50-BG31 407155.Mokau (recorded name)
Mōkau RiverA river that flows for approximately 130km from northeast of Maniaiti / Benneydale to the Tasman Sea. From NZTopo50-BF34 135373 to NZTopo50-BG31 404147.Mokau River (recorded name)
MōkauitiA locality approximately 28km south of Te Kūiti. NZTopo50-BG33 878270.Mokauiti (recorded name)
Mōkauiti StreamA stream that flows generally west for approximately 29km from near Tangitu on State Highway 4 into Mōkau River. From NZTopo50-BG33 919232 to NZTopo-BF32 707318.Mokauiti Stream (recorded name)
ŌtewāA locality approximately 8km southeast of Ōtorohanga. NZTopo50-BE33 006664.Otewa (recorded name)
ŌtorohangaA locality on State Highway 3 approximately 17km north of Te Kūiti. NZTopo50-BE33 936712.Otorohanga (recorded name)
Te KūitiA locality on State Highway 3 approximately 17km south of Ōtorohanga. NZTopo50-BF33 894549.Te Kuiti (recorded name)
ManiaitiA hill approximately 3km southeast of Maniaiti / Benneydale. NZTopo50-BF34 076311.unnamed
ŌhīreaA hill approximately 2.7km northwest of Maniaiti / Benneydale. NZTopo50-BF34 045360.unnamed

Schedule 2

Discontinued Crown Protected Area NameGeneric Term
(Purpose of Reservation) and Description
Former New Zealand Gazette
Kawhia Harbour (Awaroa) Scenic ReserveA scenic reserve at the mouth of the Awaroa River, Kawhia Harbour, comprised of four parts centred at NZTopo50-BE32 675824, NZTopo50-BE32 677820, NZTopo50-BE32 673830 and NZTopo50-BE32 679826.3 February 1983, No. 10, page 275
Kurukuru Scenic ReserveA scenic reserve adjacent to State Highway 4, approximately 19km south of Te Kūiti. Centered at NZTopo50-BF33 910351.8 March 1979, No. 17, page 524
Mangaokewa Gorge Scenic ReserveA scenic reserve adjacent to Mangaokewa Stream approximately 3km southeast of Te Kūiti, comprised of two parts centered at NZTopo50-BF33 919512 and NZTopo50-BF33 923509.19 July 1984, No. 125, page 2769
Omaru Falls Scenic ReserveA scenic reserve approximately 21km south of Te Kūiti. Centered at NZTopo50-BF33 881335.27 July 1967, No. 47, page 1284
Tainui Scenic ReserveA scenic reserve adjacent to State Highway 3, approximately 1km north of Mōkau. Centered at NZTopo50-BG31 412167.9 April 1981, No. 37, page 903
Kawhia Harbour (Te Arero) Scenic ReserveA scenic reserve on the southern coast of Kawhia Harbour, comprised of three parts centred at NZTopo50-BE32 599758, NZTopo50-BE32 609764 and NZTopo50-BE32 608771.22 May 2009, No. 73, page 1699
Kawhia Harbour (Te Umuroa) Scenic ReserveA scenic reserve on the southwest side of Arapatiki Bay, Kawhia Harbour, comprised of two parts centred at NZTopo50-BE32 599788 and NZTopo50-BE32 607788.30 August 1979, No. 82, page 2582
Hikurangi Scenic ReserveA scenic reserve approximately 10km northeast of Taumarunui. Centered at NZTopo50-BG33 992045.1 July 1982, No. 72, page 2026