Find out how to pay your OIO fee or penalty.

Fee payments required

The type of application you are making dictates the number of fee payments you will need to make. Some applications require only one payment, while others require three separate payments.

Applications requiring only one payment are:

  • Sensitive land: One home to live in – individual
  • Sensitive Land: One home to live in – entity
  • Sensitive land: Apartment off the plans
  • Investor Test: Standalone
  • Investor Test: Reassessment
  • Variations
  • Exemptions

All other consent applications require three payments, each payable on invoice. These are described in full in the fee schedule.

Fee schedule

Fee invoicing process

1. Lodgement fee:  

  • This fee is payable on submission of your application.
  • To make this payment you need to request an invoice from the OIO.
    • Request an invoice
    • When requesting an invoice, please ensure that in the fields reading Details that go on the invoice, you put the name of the applicant (not the law firm processing the application).
  • We recommend you present proof of payment of your lodgement fee with your application.

2. Assessment fee:  

  • You will receive an invoice from the OIO when your application is accepted.
  • This fee is payable in the timeframe set out in the invoice to prevent delays to the substantive assessment of your application.

3. Monitoring compliance fee:

  • You will receive an invoice for this on completion of your assessment.
  • This fee is payable before consent is granted.

How to pay

All fees and penalties are paid by direct credit to this bank account:

Bank Westpac
Branch318 Lambton Quay Wellington
Account nameLand Information New Zealand National Office
Account number03-0049-0002402-00
Reference fieldOIO – [Customer number, Applicant’s Name - abbreviated if required]

Note: You, as the applicant, must ensure that any bank fees for the electronic transfer are paid by you and not deducted from the amount transferred.


Refunds will be made in the following situations only.

  • A monitoring compliance fee already paid is refundable if consent is not granted.
  • The difference between the complex and standard assessment fee is refundable if the complex fee is paid in advance and the decision maker determines the standard fee applies.

Refunds are not able to be provided in any other situations.

  • The lodgement fee is not refundable.
  • Fees cannot be refunded if an application is withdrawn, declined, or we find that no application was required.
Last Updated: 13 September 2021