Information on what happens with your application once you've sent it to us.

Receiving your application

Once you've sent your application you'll receive an email to confirm we've received it.

Pre-assessment check

We'll complete a pre-assessment check to see if the:

  • land or property is Crown land administered by us
  • is available for use.

We may contact you if information is missing, or to ask for clarification.


Before you send your application, check if the property (including land) you want to use is managed by us - Crown lands and properties we manage.

Application fee

After the pre-assessment check, and before the decision-making stage, we'll charge an application processing fee.

We'll get in touch to discuss and send you an invoice.

Keeping in touch

We'll keep in touch throughout the decision-making process.


In some cases, we may need to:

  • get expert, valuation or legal advice
  • consult with iwi or others, for example the Department of Conservation
  • visit the site.

If the land or property:

  • is managed by us, we will be able to consider the application
  • is not managed by us, we will let you know.

Land resource assessment and recommendation

Applications for activity on land and property managed by us will be assessed to see if it fits within the statutory framework we need to apply, and a recommendation is made.

If your application is successful we will get in touch to negotiate an agreement and discuss the terms and conditions.

If your application is declined, or you are not happy with the conditions of your agreement, you may be able to apply for a rehearing - see Rehearings and complaints.

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