You are viewing guidance that refers to, or is for Legacy Landonline.

How to track dealing progress online

There are often occasions when we need to know what stage our dealing has reached in the registration process.

The need will generally only relate to manual dealings as e-dealings are registered instantaneously. One exception is where an e-dealing is queued behind a manual dealing.

The most common need to know progress is for the issue of new titles on subdivision dealings. The search component of Landonline allows you to view progress online without incurring a fee.

Step 1    Select the relevant title and add to the tree on the left hand side of the screen

Step 2    Click on the '+' symbol to expand the tree for that title

Step 3    Go down the list to 'Pending Dealings' and click to open (If nothing has been lodged then nothing will show under that section)

Step 4    Click on the 'Structured Text View'

Step 5    The header details shows the 'Status'

The 'Status' options occur in sequence as follows:

  1. Receive Dealing (assigned / unassigned)
  2. Lodged (used for an e-dealing that has been queued behind a paper dealing)
  3. Authorise Dealing
  4. Registered pending Quality Control
  5. Requisitioned pending Quality Control
  6. Rejected pending Quality Control

NB ('Registered' is not a status because at the point of registration it is no longer pending and is noted on the title)


Although it does not provide the actual time, the Landonline search component will show you the stage your dealing is at. Timing may vary depending on the complexity of the transaction and LINZ's workload at the time. This Landonline functionality is available on LINZ business days from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Next time you want to know the status of a dealing, save time by simply logging on to Landonline and following the steps outlined above. This is generally the same information as that provided by LINZ over the phone.