You are viewing guidance that refers to, or is for Legacy Landonline.

E-search FAQs

Frequently asked questions about e-search in Landonline.

Will the Record of Title include a diagram?

Yes, if the Title search with Diagram option is selected from either the Search Title screen or the Request Product List, or Title search with Diagram is selected from the tree.

What is the national format for plan numbers, RT references and dealing numbers in Landonline?

All existing numbers have been retained (with a Land District prefix for existing titles), but when Landonline commenced, all new plans and titles issued as a consequence of a sub-division have new numbers, which are allocated on a national basis. The new numbering series runs as follows: Plan Numbers - 300 000, RT references - 1000, Dealing Numbers 5 000 000.

What is the difference between an historical search and the original pre-Landonline title?

The Historical search is the history of the dealings following conversion to Landonline. The scanned image of the old paper title can also be accessed through the Historic Title search product. To view the scanned image of the paper title that was converted to create the digital title, click on the image tab at the top of the screen.

How do I search by appellation?

The best way to search by appellation is to use the Appellation Search Wizard. The wizard will prompt you to enter the details required to search for an appellation. You can access wizards from Help on your toolbar.

The quality of the print I have got is unsatisfactory, what do I do?

There are three possible causes for an unsatisfactory print:

  1. The image in Landonline is unsatisfactory. If you zoom in to the image on screen and see that the image does not clearly show the information as you would expect you should ring Customer Support on 0800 ONLINE (0800 665 463) and raise this as an issue for LINZ to address. LINZ will look at getting a better image into Landonline, but in the interim we will supply the information in hard copy.
  2. If the printed hard copy does not meet your expectations then check to see if the image is satisfactory. If it is, then you should check your printing equipment and make sure that it is capable of printing to the same quality as the image file.
  3. The last issue surrounds whether the original is of sufficient quality to allow for a reasonable scan to be made. In some instances the original has deteriorated so much that a scan of satisfactory quality cannot be made. In these instances the microfilm aperture card has a much better image of the plan as these were originally captured in the early 1970's. Since then the originals have been handled so much that natural deterioration has occurred. One of the goals of Landonline is to try to reduce the handling of the original documents.

Why can’t I find particular information in Landonline?

Conversion of selected records into Landonline has now been completed. This includes three million titles and 900,000 instruments together with 1.2 million plans, 1.4 million parcels and 40,000 geodetic survey marks.

All Survey Plan images are now in Landonline. If you cannot access images you believe should be available please contact LINZ through 0800 ONLINE (0800 665 463). One of our Customer Support Representatives will ensure that the problem is addressed and that you are able to get the information you require. Not all records will be in Landonline, although you can use it to order any records.

Why won’t this information be in Landonline?

When Landonline was being built decisions were made about what information was crucial to supporting the titles register and digital cadastre. LINZ holds over 30 million records. Some decisions had to be made based on how much money was available for converting records. Factors such as frequency of access, ease of indexing and ease of conversion into Landonline were taken into account when the complete record list was assessed for conversion.

For these reasons, records such as Roll Plans, Field Notes, Traverse Sheets and Deeds were not converted.

How do I get access to information that is not in Landonline?

Records that have not been converted can still be ordered through Landonline. You can use the Request Manual Copy option to access a copy of the record. A LINZ staff member will retrieve the relevant record and supply it by either fax or post. To order a record that is not in Landonline go to this section 5.18 of the Text Based Searches User Guide - Request a copy of an unconverted record.

How do I search Deeds information?

Landonline does not include the Deeds system. Any Deeds related information is still held in the Survey and Titles Operations Centre in its paper form. Access to this is via inspection or through a search agent.