You are viewing guidance that refers to, or is for Legacy Landonline.

Resetting Landonline window positions

There are times when certain windows in Landonline disappear from view.

This most commonly occurs when a user is working across dual monitors and then reverts to a single monitor.

The Landonline window disappears because the last known position of the window is saved to a configuration file when you exit Landonline. If you revert to a single monitor from dual monitors, the computer continues to recognise the position of the Landonline window outside of the single monitor.

To view the window again, you need to ‘reset screens to their default size and position’ via the option provided in your Landonline preferences, and then log out of Landonline so that the settings are saved. When Landonline reopens, all windows will be drawn to their original positions.

Landonline users can reset the missing windows to their default size and position by following these steps:

  • Login to Landonline
  • Double-click on the My Details icon in Landonline Workspace
Landonline workspace with My Details circled
  • Click on the Preferences tab in the Maintain User screen
Preferences tab
  • Check the box next to Reset screens to their default size and position
Reset screens checkbox
  • Click OK


You will need to log out of Landonline for the changes to take effect.