On Requisition in My Work page

If the validation process identifies items of the dataset that need attention, the dataset will be requisitioned by Toitū Te Whenua LINZ.

The icon and wording beside the dataset reference on your My Work page will change to reflect the change in status: 

  • The wording changes from Submitted to On requisition
  • The icon changes from a lock icon to an exclamation icon.  The dataset has been unlocked so that you can edit the dataset and make any necessary changes to the captured data. 
  • The row will have a yellow bar next to the dataset icon to help identify it as a requisitioned dataset.  
Requisitions on my work page


If a dataset is requisitioned, Landonline automatically sends notices to those users assigned as the Signing Surveyor and Primary Contact for the dataset to alert them to the requisition. 

These notices are sent to the email address recorded in the Contact Details tab of the Maintain User screen found in Legacy Landonline. 

Requisition process

If you receive a requisition from us, you’ll be able to edit the survey dataset again.

Step 1. Undertake the actions necessary to make the dataset compliant.

If you change data in the survey to make it compliant, you may need to re-capture data, re-link parcels and re-generate the CSD plans.  

If the changes you make require new TA certification, you’ll either need to notify the TA, or scan and attach the new certificates as supporting documents. 

Step 2. Document your reply and detail the changes made, either in the Requisition Notice document or as a separate report. Attach it as a supporting document with the type of Response to Requisition

Step 3. Re-submit the survey dataset for Approval as to Survey.

If you change the number of parcels in the dataset, the submission fees are re-calculated with reversals and a total fee difference. This is outlined in the Fees tab of the Sign and Submit panel.  See diagram below as an example.  

requisitions changed fees

When the dataset is re-submitted, the dataset will be locked and the My Work entry will show the locked icon with the notation of Submitted, like the initial submission.

How to query the requisition

If you wish to query the requisition, you can submit a Requisition Clarification or Requisition Review request, from the Requests application.

Create a requisitions request

Further information about these requests

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