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Deleting a survey dataset

Here is the process for deleting a survey dataset in Landonline - and how to make sure you only do this when you intend to do it.

Once a dataset has been deleted, the records are cleared from the Landonline tables which means the dataset is not recoverable.

You'll find the 'Delete dataset' button under the 'Survey information' tab.

Delete Dataset button


  1. If you have notified the Territorial Authority and want to delete a dataset, you will be prompted with the following message immediately after selecting the ‘Delete Dataset’ button
    Deleting survey dataset screenshot
  2. ​The ‘No’ button cancels the deletion of the dataset and returns the user back to the main screen
  3. The ‘Yes’ button continues with the deletion of the dataset 
  4. If ‘Yes’ is selected the following message appears prompting the user to enter confirmation text ‘Delete Dataset’
    Deleting survey dataset screenshot
  5. Once ‘Delete Dataset’ has been entered the ‘OK’ button will become active
  6. ‘Cancel’ button cancels the action and returns the user back to the main screen
  7. ‘OK’ button continues with the deletion of the dataset
  8. If ‘OK’ is selected the user will then see another message confirming the survey was successfully withdrawn
    Deleting survey dataset screenshot
  9. If no Territorial Authority has been notified, and the user selects the ‘Delete Dataset’ button,  then the user will only receive the following message:
    Deleting survey dataset screenshot
  10. Refer Steps 5-8 to continue or cancel the delete dataset process.
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