We are starting to decommission Survey Legacy Landonline functionality. Get help here using New Landonline functionality.

Withdraw dataset

Once a survey transaction has been submitted,you can still open the survey from Workspace, in ‘View Only’ mode, and if need be, withdraw the dataset.

Use the 'Withdraw dataset' key in the CSL_S02 – Manage Survey Transaction screen.

Withdraw dataset button

This key sends an automatic request to LINZ.   The request created is  ‘Survey – Return Survey Dataset’.

When you select the key, you’ll see a message offering you one last chance to reverse a decision to Withdraw.


Withdraw dataset

Select 'Yes' and another message appears, telling you that an automatic Request has been created and sent to withdraw the dataset.

Yes button


Withdraw dataset alert

The dataset is never deleted/withdrawn by LINZ.  The plan will always be sent back to the surveyor by one of the two following methods:

  • If the plan has not been assigned to anyone in LINZ, the system will automatically send the plan back to the surveyor.
  • If the plan is assigned to someone in LINZ, the request will be searched for and LINZ will send the plan back to the surveyor.