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Capturing - XML

Landonline allows for the extraction and importing of survey data using LandXML file format.


XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language, and LandXML is an industry-driven XML format intended to facilitate the exchange of data during the Land Planning, Civil Engineering and Land Survey Process.

LandXML is a simple markup language that can be used to store and transfer information between parties. As XML formats are based around non-proprietary plain text files, they generally encourage the exchange of data.

What it means is that you can extract authoritative data from Landonline and read it into your survey software in your office. Your survey software may allow this data to be electronically transferred to and from the total station.

Once the new survey is calculated and a LandXML file is created, it can then be imported into the surveyors workspace in Landonline and submitted for validation. The survey data, once approved, is now authoritative data in Landonline just waiting to be extracted and used in another survey.

The diagram below shows this process:

Process for Certification of e-surveys by Territorial Authorities Diagram


Landonline has the ability for surveyors to extract approved survey data from Landonline for use in LandXML compliant survey software. Extracting data is accessed through the Searches subsystem in Landonline.

Extracting a LandXML file to use in survey software has many benefits.

Read Landonline and LandXML extract (attachment below) to learn about:

  • the benefits
  • what information is extracted
  • when and how to extract
  • limitations and delivery options.


You can import survey information from survey software packages into Landonline. This information must be in a LandXML file and must comply with the LandXML schema.

Landonline does not support the import of partial files. You should only import a LandXML file of a complete survey.

Information held in Landonline for your e-survey is overwritten when you import new data. If you add imported data to your existing e-survey you will lose information already captured.

Importing a LandXML file into Landonline has many benefits. Read Landonline and LandXML import (attachment below) to learn about:

  • the benefits
  • what information is imported
  • how Landonline interprets the XML file
  • the import process.