You are viewing guidance that refers to, or is for Legacy Landonline.

Viewing LandXML exports in Quantum GIS

LINZ has released a plugin allowing you to import LandXML extracts from Landonline into the commonly used open source GIS application Quantum GIS.

This plugin provides a quick and easy way to view survey parcel and marks layers from LandXML extracts in Quantum GIS and may prove particularly useful to TA’s allowing you to visualise surveyor’s proposed plans before TA certification.
For background information on the elements and attributes of LandXML extracts from Landonline, download:
About Quantum GIS and the LandXML plugin
Quantum GIS is a free, open source GIS application for data manipulation, visualisation and analysis. Visit the Quantum GIS Project website for help and to download the application.
The Landonline LandXML plugin has been developed by LINZ and is currently supported in Quantum GIS versions 1.8.0 and 2.0.0. Background information on the plugin can be found in the Quantum GIS Plugin Repository.

How to install the LandXML plugin

The examples below have been carried out using Quantum GIS version 1.8.0.
  1. Open Quantum GIS
  2. From the menu, select Plugins > Fetch Python Plugins
  3. Then search for “LandXML” in the filter box


    LandXML Plugin 1
  4. Select “LandXML import plugin” click and install

Install notes:

If you cannot connect to the plugin repository, you may need to use a proxy server for web access. You can enter your proxy details at Settings> Options> Network

How to run the LandXML plugin

Once installed, LandXML will appear as a plugin in your Plugins menu. To import your LandXML files:
  1. From the main menu, select Plugins> LandXML> LandXML 
  2. From the dialog, click Browse to locate your LandXML file
    LandXML Plugin 2
  3. Select the file and choose to import the parcels or marks or both (Note: currently displaying observations is not supported)
  4. Then click OK
  5. Depending on the options you selected, the LandXML_parcels and LandXML_marks layers will be added to the map project.  You can then style the layers using Quantum GIS's layer properties dialog.  The example shown is styled using the "categorized" style to identify different mark orders and parcel types.
    LandXML Plugin 3

Running notes:

  • The plugin currently supports the import of survey marks and parcels only. LINZ will add support for importing the observation data if there is high demand
  • The marks and parcels LandXML data will be loaded into QGIS "Memory” layers. The content of memory layers does not persist after you close Quantum GIS. To save the LandXML data in your project, you can either right click on the layer and select “save as” to save to a format on disk (such as Shapefile or SpatiaLite) or you can install the “MemoryLayerSaver” plugin, which will automatically save the content of memory layers. We highly recommend using the “MemoryLayerSaver” plugin
If you have any feedback about the LandXML plugin please raise an issue in GitHub