You are viewing guidance that refers to, or is for Legacy Landonline.

Capturing Reinstated Marks

This process defines what a reinstated mark is and how to capture it in Landonline.

A reinstated mark is a new mark placed in the ground in the position of a previous mark that has not been found.

How do I capture a reinstated boundary or non boundary mark?

Follow these steps:

  1. Record the mark as a new mark with a new name because it now replaces an existing mark.
  2. Enter the fields in Mark Details:
  • Mark Name: IT 4 DP 4*****
  • MarkState: New
  • Mark Purpose: (As appropriate)
  • Description: (old mark name) reinstated. This mark description will be added automatically to the diagrams when you generate your plans.


Do not use the ‘Renewed’ functionality for reinstated marks. Link the new mark to the appropriate Landonline mark, if one exists.

Record conflicts in a Pre-validation Report

Reinstated marks linked to existing Landonline marks may cause a mark name / type conflict item. This must be reported on in the pre-validation section of the Survey Report.

You need to comment on the mark reinstatement in the Survey Report.

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