You are viewing guidance that refers to, or is for Legacy Landonline.

Linking of marks located close together

This article contains information about the linking of marks located close together.

Landonline contains numerous examples where two or more marks exist very close together. Often these are not visible to the naked eye even at a scale of 1:1.

In many instances these are legitimate marks:

  • they may represent adopted, disturbed or unproven marks that are in close proximity to each other; or
  • there may be a very short vector between adjoining marks.

In other instances there may be marks in Landonline that are incorrect:

  • one or more nodes may not be linked to topology but are very close to a node that is. Some of these nodes are not legitimate, and
  • some nodes may be duplicates (not linked to new surveys, thus creating duplicate marks).
  • If the nodes are duplicate (mark names are the same, not disturbed or replaced), please advise LINZ by adding a note to the survey report.

It is important that you select the correct mark required for either linking or searching purposes.

To select the correct mark in these circumstances:

  1. Select the Object Information Tool icon and click as close to these nodes as possible. 
    Object Information Tool icon
  2. Select the drop down arrow next to the 'Feature Id' field.
    CCL_S01i - Object Information Tool example
  3. There will be two feature ids listed. Select one of the ids in the drop down box.
  4. The spatial screen will briefly highlight that node.
  5. If it is not the node you wish to link to, select the other feature id.
  6. Take a note of the node id to which you wish to link.
  7. Open Mark Details screen.
    CSC_S03b - Mark Detail example
  8. Select Link Mark.
  9. Enter the node id you noted down into the Node Id field.
    Screenshot for entering the node id in the node id field.
  10. Select ‘Search Now’.
  11. Select ‘Select’.

Your mark is now linked to the correct Landonline node.