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Dealing with large plans in e-survey

Here are a few tips when you have a large survey to complete in Landonline

Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or online request if you have a difficult large dataset and are encountering multiple errors or not sure how to proceed.

Contact LINZ on 0800 665463 (Option 1 then Option 2) for advice.

Editing data after importing the XML file

If you have captured your data in survey software and find you need to make a large number of edits after importing into Landonline, it is best to make the edits in your survey software, save the changes, and then re-import your XML file back into Landonline. You’ll find it quicker and it will ensure your survey software model data is up to date.

Run the Pre-Validation Report by batch process

  • It is possible to run the Pre-Validation report by a batch process. This will allow you to carry on working in another dataset while the Pre-Validation report is being compiled for the large or complex dataset.
  • To run the Pre-Validation batch process, select the Pre-validate tab in the dataset and tick the Batch Pre-validate option.
  • Click ‘OK’ to close the dataset and begin the batch process.

Compile the Layout Plan Sheets in Plan Generation by batch process

Opening the Layout Plan Sheets in Plan Generation can take a long time for large or complex datasets, depending on the number of diagrams defined.

If you have a large number of diagrams you can use a batch process to prepare the diagrams for placement onto the plans. This batch process works in the background so you can carry on working on another dataset

  1. Define any diagrams needed in the Define Diagrams screen.
  2. Select the required layers for the diagrams in the Maintain Diagram Layers screen.
  3. Close down Plan Generation and tick the Prepare Layout option.
  4. Landonline will create request to perform the layout sheet preparation. Once the sheets are ready you will be notified via Messages.
Plan Generation hint46

The Prepare Layout batch can be used whenever edits have been made to the data and the plans need to be reopened.

Submit the dataset by batch process

You can also save time by using the batch process to submit the completed dataset into Landonline offline:

  1. Click the Batch Submit tick box in the Submit tab.
  2. Click the Submit button as normal.
  3. After unlocking your digital certificate, Landonline will initiate an offline process to submit the dataset.
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