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Avoiding delays in the Plan Generation batch process

Ensuring Generated Plans are received in a timely manner.

The Plan Generation batch process operates at a fixed speed, processing one request at a time, however the support team frequently observes delays caused by customers repeatedly clicking on the ‘Complete’ button.

Every time the ‘Complete’ button is clicked a new plan compilation process is added to the queue. To avoid overloading the queue and inconveniencing others using the same function, please do not re-click the ‘Complete’ button unless you have made further amendments to your plan.

The plan compilation process, including time in queue, normally takes from five to ten minutes, but may take longer on a busy day. A plan compilation completion message is sent to the surveyor or primary contact once done.

If you have not received a completion message within 15 minutes, and have confirmed that you are registered as the surveyor or primary contact for the plan, please contact Customer Support on 0800 665 463.