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Irregular boundaries – not displaying in Layout Sheets

Irregular lines are often used to form topology for new parcels that contain a water boundary or irregular boundary.

Irregular lines can be:

a) adopted directly from Landonline (providing the depiction is correct in terms of underlying CSDs)

b) digitised and imported into Landonline from 3rd party software

c) digitised manually in Landonline from an imported image.

You may experience problems under options b) and c) if the topology of abutting parcels affected by the new irregular line has not been respected.


When you link a new parcel for the first time, Landonline will check for mandatory or optional missed marks around the external boundaries of the parcels being extinguished. If the newly captured irregular line ignores any marks that define an existing irregular line in Landonline, these marks will be highlighted as Blue Nodes. For more information, see Capture – irregular boundaries.

If your new survey includes missed marks along the existing irregular line, the new irregular line will fail to appear in the layout sheets (see screen shot below). Instead, they will appear as a right-lined boundary in the Capture Spatial window.

Shows irregular boundary missing in Layout Sheets

How do I get my irregular lines to appear?

Fix option 1:

If the boundary is shown in the Capture Spatial window as an irregular line boundary (as opposed to a right-line boundary):

  1. Unlink all new parcels that use the irregular line as part of the boundary definition.
  2. In the Capture Spatial window, turn on the Underlying Marks layer.
  3. Spatially select those marks along the irregular line that were added as 'System Added' marks. Right-click the mouse and select ‘Unlink’ (to remove the marks from Capture).
  4. Make sure you linkthe terminal marks of the irregular line to the existing Landonline marks. Refresh the Spatial window.
  5. Locate and select the mandatory missed marks and adopt them. Please see Capture – irregular boundaries.
  6. Digitise the irregular boundary following the path of the original line, segment by segment, between these now adopted mandatory missed marks.
  7. Delete the original irregular line.
  8. Link parcels. Now only optional missed marks should appear along your irregular boundary. Do not accept these.
  9. Run Pre-validation.
  10. Open Plan Generation/Layout sheets. The irregular line will now display.

Fix option 2:

  1. Go back to your third party software. Make sure you include all marks relevant to the adjoining or underlying parcels where the irregular line is to be positioned.
  2. Digitise the irregular line, segment by segment,between the now adopted marks.

    NOTE: Calculate ties to these adopted marks to ensure that the XML file will import into Landonline. (Landonline Import process expects all co-ordinate points to be vectored.)
  3. Write the XML file and import into CSD.
  4. Make the necessary capture edits to satisfy all capture and pre-validation rules.
  5. Go back into Layout Sheets. The irregular line will now display.

Fix option 3:

If the boundary is no longer showing as an irregular line in the Capture Spatial window, but has right-lined itself:

  1. Carry out the steps in option 2, or
  2. In the Capture Spatial window, delete the now right-lined boundary. Check that the terminal end marks of the irregular boundary are linked to the existing Landonline marks.
  3. Refresh the Spatial window.
  4. Locate and select the mandatory marks for adjoining parcels (including subject parcels), and adopt them.
  5. Digitise the irregular boundary from an imported image. This image should show the irregular boundary in segments, respecting all the mandatory missed marks.
  6. Link the parcels. Now only optional missed marks should appear along the irregular boundary. Do not accept these.
  7. Run Pre-validation.
  8. Open Plan Generation/Layout Sheets. The irregular line will now display.

How do you stop this from happening in the first place?

Follow the advice in Irregular Boundary Capture – Missed Marks to ensure irregular lines display.

Want to know more about irregular boundaries? See Capture – irregular boundaries.

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