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Capture – irregular boundaries

This article contains information about the capture of Irregular Boundaries.

Mandatory and Optional Missed Marks

If the new dataset is intended to have a new irregular boundary, you need to investigate whether or not any of marks along the irregular boundary might be mandatory or optional missed marks.

There are mandatory or missed marks?

  • Adopt any mandatory missed marks into the dataset before any new boundaries are digitised.
  • If the mandatory or optional missed marks are not correct in Landonline, the exception process will need to be invoked to have the incorrect marks removed prior to parcel linking being carried out
  • If either mandatory or optional missed marks are included during the parcel linking process the digitised irregular line will become right lined and need to be re digitised

Example: The diagram below shows an example of an irregular boundary digitised into a new dataset.

Example of irregular boundary 1
  • In this case, investigation has revealed that there are likely to be one mandatory missed mark and one optional missed mark along this new boundary.
Example of irregular boundary 2
  • The mandatory missed mark highlighted above needs to be adopted into the new dataset as it is used to form the topology of more than two primary parcels.
  • The optional missed mark can be ignored if it is not a surveyed position. If the optional missed mark is a surveyed position, it will also need to be adopted into the dataset.

How do I adopt missed marks? 

  • Select the Underlying Marks layer and select them in the Spatial Display
  • With the marks highlighted yellow click the right mouse button and select ‘Adopt’. The adopted marks are included into the dataset and the new irregular boundary needs to be digitised to and from these marks.
Example of irregular boundary 3
Example of irregular boundary 4
  • The new irregular boundary can be digitised between the marks in the dataset.
Example of irregular boundary 5
Example of irregular boundary 6
  • In this example, the optional missed mark is not a surveyed position. It has not been adopted into the dataset.
  • When the parcel is linked, the optional missed mark will not be selected.
Example of irregular boundary 7

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