You are viewing guidance that refers to, or is for Legacy Landonline.

Irregular boundaries - splitting new and existing lines

The Merge Irregular Boundary process is primarily used where datasets are defining areas of accretion and erosion.

The Merge Irregular Boundary process allows you to create intersections between the new digitised irregular boundary and the existing irregular boundary in Landonline so that areas of accretion and erosion can be captured and displayed correctly on the plans

How do I merge irregular boundaries?

  1. Display the Spatial Display.
  2. Make the Captured Parcel Body Lines layer active to enable you to select the boundaries to merge.
  3. Click cursor ('Select Individual') icon and select the new irregular boundary line segment. 
    Cursor icon
  4. Hold Ctrl, and select the existing irregular boundary line segment.
    Merging irregular boundaries example 2
  5. To merge the lines, select Capture | Irregular Boundaries | Merge Irregular Boundary.
    Landonline creates unmarked marks where the two boundaries cross.
    Merging irregular boundaries example 3
    These are system added marks and show as ‘Unmarked’ in the Mark List screen. Pseudo vectors are calculated from these marks to the nearest surveyed or Landonline mark.
    The pseudo vectors that are created can be excluded from the layout plan sheets. In the Vector Capture screen click the ‘Exc’ field for the pseudo observations.
  6. Repeat Steps 3 to 5 for each line segment to be merged.
  7. To delete the redundant lines, select each line, right click and select Delete(or alternatively from the menu select Capture | Irregular Boundaries | Delete Irregular Boundary).
    Merging irregular boundaries example 4
  8. Once irregular boundaries have been merged, the layer defaults to its previous layers.
  9. To change the topology layers, select the irregular boundary and select Edit from the right mouse button menu.