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Water, water centre-line and irregular boundary annotation

Water boundaries require an annotation to be added for legal and physical description of the boundaries.

To add an annotation to a water/irregular boundary in the spatial window:

  • Spatially select the irregular line that has been captured
  • Right click the mouse 
  • Select ‘Edit’
Water and irregular boundary annotation screenshot
  • ​The CSC_S05 Line Layer screen opens
  1. Ensure the correct Layer is selected
  2. Select the correct Irregular Line Type i.e., ‘Water Boundary’ or ‘Water Centre-line Boundary’ or ‘Irregular Boundary’
  3. Select the Legal Description (select from the drop down menu)


    The ‘Legal Description’ is automatically set to ‘Boundary follows centre-line of stream/river’ for water centre-line boundaries. No legal description is required for irregular boundaries

  4. If Legal Description ‘Other’ is selected a free text field below the Legal Description will activate and allow you to add your legal description
  5. Type in a Physical Description - this is a free text field


    A physical description is not required for irregular or water centre-line boundaries

  6. Select the Adopted Source (this is pre populated from the ‘Referenced Surveys’ in the Survey Header)
Screen shot of CSC S05 line layer window


If the Adopted Source is not listed you need to exit this screen and go into the Survey Header and populate the Referenced Survey field with the plan you require.

Any changes made to Class, Legal Description, Physical Description or Adopted Source will trigger Y023 rule in Pre-validation.  Plan Generation must be re-run again to reflect these changes.

Display in plan generation

In Plan Generation, the annotations added in Capture will appear on the Layout Sheets as outlined below:

On Survey Layout Sheets

  • Class
  • Legal Description
  • Physical Description
  • Adopted Source
Diagram of a water boundary annotation on survey layout sheets

On Title Layout Sheets

  • Legal Description
Diagram of a water boundary annotation on title layout sheet

Text on the Layout Sheets can be edited to allow a better fit:

  • Select the text
  • Right click
  • Select Properties
Screen shot of label properties window

Text edits can be performed in the usual manner.


Justification defaults to ‘Left’ only. 


A rule has been created to ensure users are alerted when annotations are missing from water/irregular boundaries.

For this rule, there is a report showing the marks at either end of the water/irregular boundary line that are missing annotation information.

To enter the correct details, search on one of the end marks in the spatial window, identify the line to edit, and enter the correct details.

The rule and warning


C602 rule reports on all water, water centre-line and irregular boundaries in your captured data as per CSR 2021, but you only need to add a legal and/or physical description against water boundaries.  

C602 – Warning – a legal and/or physical description has not been specified for the following water boundaries between marks (CSR 2021 r88 & r104)
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