We are starting to decommission Survey Legacy Landonline functionality. Get help here using New Landonline functionality.

Attaching colour images to an e-survey

The Customer Support team often receive queries regarding whether colour images can be attached to an eSurvey.

Landonline provides the functionality to attach colour images as supporting documents in JPEG format.

Any supporting document types which make up part of the CSD Plan (Schedule/Memorandum, Occupation Diagram and Plan Graphic) will be converted to Black & White images in the plan. These should be checked for image quality once Plan Generation has been completed, prior to submission of the plan.

To attach a colour image, add a supporting document as normal, and, when selecting the image file, change the “Files of type” drop-down from “Tiff Files (*.TIF)” to “JPEG Files (*.JPG)”

Selecting an image file