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Automated survey report

A survey report can be included in a CSD using the automated survey report functionality in Landonline.

The automated survey report is available in Landonline on the Survey Report tab in the CSL_S02 Manage Survey Transaction screen.  

This functionality is provided to assist both the surveyor to complete the Survey Report and LINZ to approve the CSD.

Alternatively, a survey report can be scanned and attached as a supporting document (SUD).

How the Automated Survey Report works

Landonline populates a number of header fields in the Survey Report from the data entered in the Survey Header screen. This will remove the chance of incorrect information being carried forward from previous reports and will also eliminate the chance of inconsistencies between the CSD and the Survey Report. 

Landonline also does some analysis of the data contained in the CSD and assists the surveyor to respond to the appropriate questions within the Survey Report.

A series of questions have been added to the Survey Report tab page and the surveyor is expected to respond either “Y” or “N” to these.  Depending on the Y/N response a “No Comment” an “Optional Comment” or “Mandatory Comment” is required.

Some of the questions are system answered (by analysing the data in the CSD) and comments are able to be added if required.  Comments can be copied and pasted from other applications into the Comments field.

The data analysis performed in the automated Survey Report also assists LINZ to assess the complexity of the CSD and workflow it to appropriate staff who are able to process that type of dataset.

When the CSD is submitted the information on the Survey Report tab page is converted to an image and automatically attached as a Survey Report supporting document.

There can only be one certified survey report associated to the CSD. This will either be the one attached as a SUD by the surveyor or the one attached by Landonline when the surveyor has used the Automated Survey Report process.  When the automated process is used the Survey Report is created and attached during the 'Submit' process. If the surveyor uses the automated process and also attaches a copy as a SUD, Landonline will discard the automated survey report in favour of the attached copy.

Surveyors are encouraged to try the automated survey report. Provide feedback now to customersupport@linz.govt.nz using 'Automated Survey Report Feedback' in the subject line.

The Survey Report tab


To navigate through the questions of the survey report we recommend using the ‘Tab’ key to go from one question to the next.  If you use the scroll bar or page down you run the risk of missing sections of the report to fill out.

Here are the fields (refer to the diagram below):

  1. DRAFT appears on this tab until the survey report has been fully completed and saved
  2. Editing Status – tells you when the Survey was last edited and when the Report was last edited
  3. Number of entries to be completed – this will automatically count down as you enter data.  At the completion of the report it will indicate that ‘All items complete’
  4. Save Report button – saves the work you have done up to that point on the screen.  If you exit without saving the report, you will loose data in the report
  5. Export Report button – exports the report to your chosen location on your PC in .tiff format
  6. Copy to Clipboard button – allows you to copy and then paste into a word document
  7. Print Report button – prints your report
  8. Jump to section – allows you to go to any one of the sections in the report
  9. Add Comment buttons highlighted yellow are mandatory and must be answered
  10. Add Comment buttons not highlighted yellow are optional 
  11. Previous Item Button – will find the previous item on the list
  12. Next Item button – will find the next item on the list
  13. Find Incomplete button – to check if any mandatory item in the form has not been completed.​
Manage survey transaction screenshot


Automated survey report example


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