Land transfer tax statements are required when most land is transferred. There are some exceptions. The information in land transfer tax statements is usually sent to LINZ by your lawyer or conveyancer.

People buying, selling or transferring property must provide tax information using a ‘land transfer tax statement’. The information is collected by LINZ on behalf of IR who use it to make sure property tax obligations are met.

Tax statements are required when most land is transferred

Tax statements are required when most land is transferred. A separate statement is required from every seller (transferor) and buyer (transferee).

There are some exceptions including the transfer of Māori land.

Full list of estates that do and don’t require a land transfer tax statement

In most cases, you will give your completed tax statement to your lawyer and they will send the information to LINZ.

If you intend to lodge your transfer manually, you’ll need to supply Land transfer tax statements for every transferor and transferee named in the transfer and then send this information together with the transfer document to LINZ.

Completing a land transfer tax statement

When completing the statement, you must provide information about whether:

  • the land being transferred has a home on it
  • you or a member of your immediate family is a New Zealand citizen, or holds a Permanent Resident, working or Student Visa
  • the transfer is non-notifiable – (the rules will change from 1 January 2020). Unless the transfer is non-notifiable, you must provide an IRD number and information about whether you are a tax resident in another country. Property tax exemptions and non-notifiable reasons

Download the Land Transfer Tax Statement from the bottom of the page (the notes section will help you complete the statement)

The land transfer tax statements: common scenarios may also help.

Your lawyer will enter the information from your completed Land transfer tax statement into Landonline .

Changes are coming

From 1 January 2020, the rules about whether a transfer is non-notifiable will change. To prepare for this, we are updating the tax statement form in Landonline this month and the corresponding downloadable form:

Question 3 will be replaced by questions 3A and 3B.
3A) Does the transfer include any land that has a home on it. If the answer is ‘yes’, you will need to answer question 3B as well.
3B) Is the transfer a ‘main home transfer’

There will be a transitional period from 1 January to 1 July 2020. This applies when an agreement for the transfer of the land was entered into before 1 January 2020 and the transfer instrument is lodged on or before 1 July 2020. You can select “n/a” at question 3B if the transitional period applies.

After 1 July 2020 this option will be removed from the tax statement and everyone who answers “yes” to question 3A will need to answer question 3B.

Last Updated: 18 November 2019