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The upgrade of Landonline took a big step forward this week when we closed an area in the legacy system that was previously used for survey capture activities.

Our Landonline platform manages New Zealand’s property surveys, titles and transactions, and it’s being modernised to ensure it remains a world-class property system. To ensure continuity, new functionality is being introduced gradually, with users switching between the legacy system and the upgraded app which is known as New Landonline.

Eventually everything will be transitioned to New Landonline, with this week’s closure marking another significant step toward this goal, says Kaihautū Digital Delivery Murray Young.

“Surveyors now have to perform survey capture activities in New Landonline. However, they’ll continue using the legacy system for searching, plan generation, and submitting and signing cadastral survey datasets.

“The two systems remain fully compatible and integrated, making it easy for users to switch between them.

“We’ve been signalling this closure for some time and know that many users have already familiarised themselves with how survey capture works in New Landonline. This gives us confidence that the transition will be smooth.”

Helpful resources for users of New Landonline – Survey

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The new fit-for-purpose and future-proofed platform is due to be completed in 2026.

Accessed by 6,000 users each day, Landonline is used for hundreds of thousands of property transactions every year, meaning it’s critical that it works for users today and in the future.

Learn more about the Modernising Landonline programme.

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