Troubleshoot New Landonline – Survey

If you’re having trouble using New Landonline - Survey, there may be a simple solution. Here are some issues and what to check.

How do I exit from a specific survey?

Select the Back arrow, located in the CSD header next to the CSD reference to exit a survey and return to My Work page. You may notice a slight delay before the lock status of the survey is updated on the My Work page.

Screenshot of CSD header with the 'Back to MyWork' arrow highlighted which sits below the browser toolbar

Why am I locked out of my survey?

There are a few reasons why this may occur.

  • Your web browser
    • As New Landonline displays in a web browser (such as Chrome, Edge, Safari...) you may accidently navigate away from the survey if you:
      • select the web browser’s back button 
      • close the browser (or the browser tab displaying Landonline)
      • change the URL.
  • Timeout
    • If the application has been inactive for more than 15 minutes, you will be automatically logged out. The dataset may then be locked.
  • Other users in New Landonline
    • when you open a survey in New Landonline the survey will be locked to other users. This means no other user can work on the survey at the same time. 
  • Working between Legacy Landonline vs New Landonline
    • if you open a survey in New Landonline first the survey will be locked in Legacy Landonline
    • if you open a survey in Legacy Landonline first the survey will be locked in the new Survey application.

What do I do if I am locked out of my survey?

As a dataset can only be opened and edited by one user at a time, go to the My Work page and check the lock status (there may be a slight delay while the lock status is refreshed)

  • check to see if it is opened by another user (hover over the padlock next to the CSD reference number, to identify if another user has the survey open). You will still be able to access the dataset in ‘read only’ mode.
  • or unlock the survey by reopening it again.

See also Why am I locked out of my survey?

Why can’t I view my supporting documents or the Help content?

Your web browser may be blocking pop-ups. You may need to enable pop-ups for the application (‘google’ your web browser’s instructions on how to this).

Why is my CSD ‘Read Only’

A survey will be ‘Read only’ when it is in the following status: 

  • Exception Raised
  • Exception Recommendation
  • Submission Failed
  • Submitted
  • Pending Submission
  • Withdrawal Pending
  • On Abeyance.

Hover over the CSD’s padlock icon or the status symbol on the My Work page to see the status.

Screenshot of csd read only
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