New parcels

Creating new (or proposed) parcels requires capturing the textual parcel details, including the parcel appellation, and linking these textual parcel details to the surveyed definition.


  • A new parcel is usually created in third-party software, imported as part of a LandXML file, then linked to the Landonline spatial view if the parcel has a spatial component. You should use vectors to check the underlying accuracy of the linking. 
  • For a new parcel the appellation is both a title appellation (legal description) and a survey appellation (parcel appellation). 
  • Surveys must identify all parcels to be created, extinguished, referenced, proposed, encroached or affected. 
  • There are 2 parts to creating or proposing a new parcel:  
    1. Add and edit the textual parcel attributes, including the parcel appellation. For a new parcel with no surveyed definition (that is, without boundary dimensions and lines) this is all that is required.
    2. If the parcel has a surveyed definition, link the boundary dimensions and lines of the parcel to the textual information.

For functionality common across a number of panels, see The panels section.

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