Requests for Survey

Anyone with a Landonline login can create requests and send them to Toitū Te Whenua LINZ for processing.

As a Survey and TA user, you can create survey and TA related requests. 

Survey request types 

The survey request types available are: 

  • Approved CSD Correction/Amendment 
  • Amend Cadastral Data 
  • Earthquake complex 
  • Survey Dispensation 
  • Plan not to Deposit 
  • Request for Urgency 
  • Requisition Clarification 
  • Requisition Review 
  • Return Survey Dataset 
  • Survey Information Complex 
  • Titles Information 
  • Titles Correction 

TA request types 

The TA request type is: 

  • Amalgamation Consultation 
  • Amend Cadastral Data 
  • Survey Information 
  • Title Information 
  • Title Correction 

Request Manual Copy cannot be created or viewed in New Landonline (but is coming soon). Please continue to access this from Web Search or Legacy Search.

Exception Requests is available within New Landonline – Survey.

For information on how to view, create and manage requests, see Requests.

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