Bay of Plenty

Our pest and weed control work in Bay of Plenty.

Pests and weeds in Bay of Plenty

Bay of Plenty is home to Te Arawa (Rotorua) Lakes which contribute to this region being one of New Zealand’s most popular tourist destinations. The lakes have significant cultural, recreational, and natural values.

Te Arawa lakes are taonga to local iwi/hapu. They are a place for healing, cleansing and inspiration, swimming, and gathering kai. Unfortunately, the presence of lakeweeds including lagarosiphon and hornwort threaten these taonga by choking waterways and smothering native aquatic plant life.

Tackling the problem

LINZ is working closely with the Te Arawa Lakes Trust to support restoration of the lakes’ cultural values.

We also target control to areas regularly used by the public for recreational activities including bays, inlets and boat ramps as this helps prevent the spread of the weeds between waterways.

A range of control methods including diver control, matting on the lakebed and controlled spraying are used to control the spread of invasive aquatic weeds like lagarosiphon and hornwort

Working with others

We work with a range of partners in the Bay of Plenty to ensure our biosecurity work is efficient and supports local community aspirations. Our aquatic programme is planned in collaboration with Te Arawa Lakes Trust and the Bay of Plenty Regional Council.

How you can help

All lake and river users also have a role to play in stopping the spread of water weeds. If you’re moving between waterways, you must clean all your gear using the 'Check, Clean, Dry' method. This stops plant fragments moving between waterways, which can be all it takes for a new infestation to begin.

Check, Clean and Dry