Our pest and weed control work in the Tasman region.

Pests and weeds in Tasman

The Tasman region is home to some of New Zealand’s most scenic rivers. These waterways and surrounding areas are treasured for their natural, recreational, and cultural values. But they are also threatened by viny weed species including banana passion vine, old man’s beard and woolly nightshade. Left unchecked these species can spread quickly, smothering and suffocating native plants. 

Tackling the problem

Our annual works programme targets the establishment and spread of weeds in many of the region’s rivers including the Anatoki, Takaka, Upper Buller and Waingaro rivers.

A variety of methods are required to control viny weed species. Seeds are spread in many ways and passionfruit vine can even be spread by people discarding leftover fruit.

Working with others

Working with local agencies and community groups like the Project De-Vine Environmental Trust helps us get the most out of our weed control programme. As with other regions, our control work is targeted to areas with high recreational and natural values, and where we can support regionally developed pest management goals.  

How you can help

All lake and river users also have a role to play in stopping the spread of water weeds. If you’re moving between waterways, you must clean all your gear using the 'Check, Clean, Dry' method. This stops plant fragments moving between waterways, which can be all it takes for a new infestation to begin.

Check, Clean and Dry