Using our application templates will help you to prepare and submit a quality application.

How to use the application templates

We request that you use our forms and templates so you can give us all the information we need to assess your application. This will help us assess your application more quickly.

The OIO will not consider changes to the nature of the application or investment plan or new benefit claims made during the assessment process. It is important that your application and investment plan contain your best submissions, as changes of this nature will require a new application. 

We welcome your feedback about how the templates are working for you, and any suggestions you have for improvements.

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Which application template do I use?

The table below shows which template or form to use depending on your type of application.  There is one template or form for some applications and template packs for others.

If a Vendor Information Form is required, it must be completed by the vendor rather than the applicant and be provided by them at the same time as your application.  We recommend that you liaise closely with the vendor to ensure that this occurs. We cannot accept the application until we have received the vendor information form.

We’ve updated the forms to reflect the recent amendments to the Overseas Investment Act 2005. They’ve also had a refresh of the way they look and they reflect some small improvements to the way we operate.  

The templates below are only for applications for consent, variation or exemption. To notify us of a call-in transaction under the emergency notification regime, please use the Notification of call-in transaction webform.

Electronic filing requirements

Your application and supporting information must be submitted electronically. See the relevant application page for details.

Application typeTemplate to use

One home to live in


Increasing housing

(These templates are not suitable for one home to live in applications)

    Non-residential use of residential land

    Incidental use of residential land


    Special forestry test
    Modified benefits test
    • Use the templates for sensitive land, or sensitive land and significant business assets

    Intention to reside

    Sensitive land

    Sensitive land and significant business assets

    Significant business assets


    Variation – revocation of conditions due to changes to the Act in 2020

    Individual exemptions

    Fishing quota

    • Please contact the OIO
    Last Updated: 3 December 2020