Find out how to prepare a statutory declaration as part of your application to the Overseas Investment Office.


A statutory declaration is a written statement signed in front of an authorised person and declared to be true.

Making a statutory declaration

The Oaths and Declarations Act sets out the form your declaration must take, and the person authorised to take it. These are different depending on whether you live in or outside of New Zealand:

When a statutory declaration is required

We will ask you to provide statutory declarations in the following situations.  We will provide you with a template containing the declaration text when it is required.

To confirm your application or notification is true and correct

You must declare that all information you provide in your application is true and correct. If you are notifying us of a transaction, the same applies.

Statutory Declaration template – true and correct (DOCX 25KB)

To confirm your commitment to reside in New Zealand

If you are applying under one of our residence-based investment pathways, you may need to provide a statutory declaration that you intend to live, and become tax resident, in New Zealand.

Buying or building one home to live in

To confirm you meet the investor test

You may need to declare that you meet the investor test, which covers factors relating to your character, capability, and immigration eligibility. If the overseas person is not an individual, all individuals with control of the overseas person must make this declaration. 

If you have previously met the investor test, the statutory declaration submitted with the application should confirm whether there have been any changes since information was last provided. If there are any changes, you will need to also provide a clear explanation of the offence, contravention, or other matter in your declaration.

During assessment, if we identify relevant overseas people or/and individuals with control of the overseas person that are additional to those covered by the statutory declaration, an additional investor test statutory declaration may be required.

Statutory Declaration template – investor test (DOCX 34KB)

Statutory Declaration template – repeat investor (DOCX 38KB)

Meeting the investor test

To confirm your ongoing compliance with conditions

We can request you to provide a statutory declaration that you have complied with the conditions of your consent or, if you have breached a condition or conditions, the reasons for this and the steps that you intend to take to remedy it.

Our compliance approach

Minimum standards

We can only accept statutory declarations if they:

  • are correctly dated
  • are originals
  • are witnessed and signed by an authorised person
  • include the name and qualification of the authorised person underneath the signature to show the basis for their authority (for example, solicitor)
  • are in the form required by either section 9 or section 11 of the Oaths and Declarations Act (depending upon whether you are in or outside New Zealand).

Providing your statutory declaration

The required statutory declaration(s) should be provided when you lodge your application using the relevant online application form.

Upload the completed statutory declaration(s) along with the other required documentation.


The Oaths and Declarations Act details the procedure for making declarations, roles that are authorised to witness them, and the form that declarations must take.

Oaths and Declarations Act 1957

The Overseas Investment Act provides for the taking of statutory declarations to confirm information provided by an investor.

Last Updated: 16 December 2021