Antarctic topographic data

View the vector topographic data at 1:50,000 scale for the Darwin/Hatherton Glacier and Ross Sea region of Antarctica.

Darwin/Hatherton Glacier

Our vector topographic data at 1:50,000 scale for the Darwin/Hatherton Glacier in Antarctica supports the Latitudinal Gradient Project, a collaborative scientific project involving the Victoria Land Coast. 

The data provided is based on ALOS PRISM satellite imagery taken during the 2006/07 season. It is supplied in the Darwin Glacier Lambert Conformal Conic 2000 projection. The survey work for this data was undertaken between 2007 and 2010.

Find out about the ALOS PRISM
Find out about the Darwin Glacier Lambert Conformal Conic 2000 projection

Downloads for specific areas

To download the data for a specific sheet, select the area you are interested in. Only the areas covered by the satellite image (the polygon shape) contain data.

Note that due to lack of contrast in the source images, feature capture was not possible for some of the glacier regions.

Download the shapefile (this contains the areas of the Darwin holes):



Antarctica map sheets

Download bulk sets

Complete vector dataset for the entire Darwin region:

(Published May 2010)

(Published May 2010)

Data available from the LINZ Data Service

You can download data and image files in other formats and in areas other than the map sheets from the LINZ Data Service.

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Acknowledging your use of our maps and images

If you reproduce, derive or copy any of our map or data products you must show the following acknowledgement on the product and associated media:

Sourced from (product name). Crown Copyright Reserved.

For example: Sourced from NZTopo Database. Crown Copyright Reserved.

Additional acknowledgement

Use of this ALOS PRISM data requires the following further acknowledgement:

This product (LINZ Darwin Glacier orthophotos) incorporates data which is © Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency ("JAXA") 2008.

The data has been used in the LINZ Darwin Glacier orthophotos with the permission of JAXA and the Commonwealth of Australia (Geoscience Australia) ("the Commonwealth"). JAXA and the Commonwealth have not evaluated the data as altered and incorporated within the LINZ Darwin Glacier orthophotos, and therefore give no warranty regarding its accuracy, completeness, currency or suitability for any particular purpose.

Ross Sea region

View the Ross Sea region maps

View the Ross Sea datasets in the LINZ Data Service