Propose a place name in New Zealand and its offshore islands

How to propose names for geographic features and places in New Zealand and its offshore islands to the New Zealand Geographic Board Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa (NZGB).

You can propose a name for places or features in New Zealand or its offshore islands. This includes:

  • natural features such as mountains, streams, bays, oceans, forests, lakes and glaciers
  • built features such as railway lines, railway stations, cities, towns, villages, localities and suburbs.

Your proposal must include:

  • a map or chart showing the exact location of the place or feature, and any boundaries
  • information and evidence to explain and support your proposal, such as the connection of the name to the place or feature
  • evidence of consultation with mana whenua and, for populated places, the relevant council.

Make your proposal online

You can use our online form for proposals of New Zealand, offshore island, undersea and Antarctic place and feature names. Please ensure you provide all the information we need.

Make a proposal for a name in New Zealand and its offshore islands

Make your proposal on a paper form

Our proposal forms are available in English and Māori.

Guides and other information

These documents and pages will help you to complete the proposal form:

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