Treaty settlement place name proposals

Only Te Arawhiti (The Office for Māori Crown Relations), on behalf of a Treaty claimant group, can make a proposal to restore or change a geographic name through a Treaty of Waitangi claims settlement.


There is a proposal form and a checklist of requirements to complete. The proposal form has boxes for the claimant group to complete and boxes that Te Arawhiti must complete.

Restoring or changing place names through a Treaty settlement

  1. Place name restoration and/or changes are proposed during Treaty settlement negotiations, prior to a Deed of Settlement being initialed.
  2. Te Arawhiti must provide a completed proposal form and all of the information in the checklist of requirements to us before we can begin processing a proposal.
  1. We discuss the proposals and make recommendations to Te Arawhiti on place names to be included in a Treaty settlement.
  2. The Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations makes the final decision.
  3. If agreed by the Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations and the claimants, the restored and/or changed place names are included in a Deed of Settlement and made official through Treaty settlement legislation.
  4. Once the Treaty settlement legislation has been enacted we publish the names in the New Zealand Gazette, newspapers and the New Zealand Gazetteer.

These resources will help you with a Treaty settlement place name proposal: